Anger- The emotional poison.

All of us get angry, ALL of us! It’s a natural human tendency to get aggravated & annoyed at something or someone, the reasons being countless! There’s nothing wrong if you undergo an emotional instability when something undesired happens. But we should be careful to not let anger consume us, overpower us or dominate us, as it only leads to broken hearts, guilt & disappointment.
As it is said- Being angry is like drinking poison & expecting the other person to die! It doesn’t happen, does it? Anger is a threat to our otherwise calm soul, it snatches away our peace of mind & incorporates sadness & guilt in our lives. Anger has destroyed families, relationships & some great friendships! The price you pay for spitting out bitter words from your mouth is heavy! Nobody likes a person who’s always angry or gets angry easily. When a person is angry, he doesn’t realize what he’s speaking. And when he’s back to his senses, it’s too late..the harm is done already! I’m sure you would’ve been in a situation atleast some time in your life where you got extremely annoyed and angry, showered the other person with unpleasant words, took actions with ‘not so great’ consequences & then, after a while..realize…Why the hell did I do this? Why the hell did I speak those words? What was I thinking? Why can’t I be more calmer?
So what can be done? I have a one word answer for that – CHILL. You need to chill. It’s not easy for many of us,but it helps to sail through life in a better way & keep us happy always. Befriend peace. Next time when you feel like shouting at someone, take a deep breath & pause. Engage in some other activity or go to sleep for sometime, if you can. Start reading something or listen to peaceful music. But don’t address the situation when you’re angry. Let a few hours pass, & then be back to addressing the situation. I’m sure it’ll have much better results. Also, daily Yoga really helps! And in general, keep calm & let go..have a simple,calm attitude in life…lower your expectations from others,expectations are the biggest culprit. Let go of negative vibes, nitpicking & judging others. Stay simple & live with a calmer approach & I’m sure you’ll have many more happy moments than you’re already having, in life! Yes, situations & people WILL make you angry, but it’s about how you deal with it,is all that matters!
Have a great day lovelies! :*



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