Why #GirlLove is important ❤

Lilly Singh a.k.a IISuperwomanII a.k.a the funniest & the most wonderful human being ever ( She’s my idol, you guys! ) just released her Kenya Vlog & launched the #GirlLove Rafiki bracelet. After watching the Vlog 50 times & boxes of tissues later, here I am, writing a post about why #GirlLove is so important & what makes this cause so noble. 

For those who don’t know a.k.a if you’re living under the rock ( waddup Dwayne Johnson reference!! ) , Lilly Singh is one of the leading YouTuber, entertainer & a motivational speaker. But most importantly, she’s very passionate about spreading positivity, good vibes & doing something to make this world a better place to live in. Lilly launched the #GirlLove campaign with a video on her channel in December 2015, explaining why #GirlLove is so important. All the revenue generated from the video went to the ‘Malala fund,’ to educate girls. Now hold on, what is #GirlLove all about & why do I support it so much? Let me elucidate-

We’re living in a world where girl-on-girl hate is considered cool & women are, without a second thought, pulling each other down. Things get bitter between women over a tenuous argument. ‘Oh, look at her, she’s such a b***h!’ ‘Omg, she ALWAYS hangs out with guys!!’ ‘Did you look at what she’s wearing? Ew! ‘ The list is endless. But hey, instead of getting jealous, shouldn’t we get inspired from other women? Women are so powerful, inspiring & capable of moving mountains! We go through PMS, there’s a war inside our uterus every month, we all go through puberty mood swings, we bring life on earth- aren’t we kind of superheroes? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we, instead of pulling each other down, get inspired & show some #GirlLove ? 

Lilly’s Kenya Vlog is so beautiful & was a total eye-opener for me! As privileged youth, we take so many things for granted, when in reality, we should be really grateful for everything we have. We complain about the silliest stuff, have first world problems but girls in Kenya can’t go to school because they have to walk miles to fetch water! Their families don’t have enough money to send all their kids to school! I won’t give any spoilers, please do watch the video & you’ll know the difficulties the people in Kenya,especially the women, face ..and still manage to genuinely have a beautiful smile on their face! That Vlog touched me & has occupied a special place in my heart ❤

#GirlLove alongwith ‘ME to WE’ has created #GirlLove Rafiki bracelets(they’re handmade by the women in Kenya & Lilly made one too!) & the money you spend on purchasing the bracelet will be used to send girls in Kenya, to school. I’ll be putting all the links below for you to read & know more about it. Please share this noble cause with others, even that would really help 🙂 Also, send some #GirlLove to amazing women you look up to-text them, tweet to them using #GirlLove or just go to them,hug them & give them a genuine compliment 🙂 It’s about time to stop pulling each other down start building each other up 🙂 

To know more, check out these links-

1)The #GirlLove challenge video 

2)ME to WE – Buy a Rafiki bracelet & help send girls in Kenya,to school.

3) Lilly Singh’s Kenya Vlog – An eye-opener! 🙂

4) Twitter : @SpreadGirlLove 

Look up for #GirlLove 

I’m not writing this merely because I support Lilly & she is my No. 1 idol. I’m writing this because I believe in this beautiful cause,it really touched me & I want to share it with everyone, about what I think of it & why it’s so important. 

Let’s make a difference in whatever way we can. I hope you have a great day! Lot’s of love :* 

Image source: Lilly Singh’s Twitter account. 


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  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    I’ll have to check out Lilly Singh ~ looks like an inspiring person, with an incredible message. #GirlLove – gotta love this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Niyati S says:

      Yes, please do, she’s giving back so much to the world ❤


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