5 effective ways to combat loneliness & get your life back on track! 

Friends drifting apart? Lost a loved one? Clueless about life in general? We all have unpleasant moments in our lives-moments when we feel alone,sad & lonely. They reduce our productivity,efficiency & even make us take stupid decisions. If continued for a prolonged period, loneliness can put your health & well-being in jeopardy. Here are 5 effective ways to reduce loneliness & get your life back on track-

1) Write.

Grab a pen & a paper, light a scented candle & start writing. Write everything that’s on your mind.Pour out every emotion that’s seated deep inside your heart. Once you’re done writing everything that’s on your mind & in your heart, start writing things in your life that you’re grateful for. Parents. Eyesight. Food to eat. Clean water to drink. Supportive best friends. It can be anything. Life isn’t that bad, eh? Writing is liberating. Decluttering our minds through a pen & a paper can reduce the pounds of negativity residing in our minds & enable us to take a better decision or feel better. 

2) Talk to someone. 

It can be anyone-your mom, your best friend,your partner, someone you’ve not spoken to in maybe 10 years.. anyone. You can talk about anything, the subject need not be your cause of loneliness if you do not wish to share it. Talk about your likes, hobbies, ask them about their day, discuss your favourite TV shows, recommend each other some Social Media influencers in the subject of interest-anything. Don’t underestimate the power of discussing something like ‘YouTube’ or ‘Game Of Thrones’ with someone, it will definitely bring your bounce back in life! 😀 Also, who knows, you may even find a new hobby that interests you or a common hobby you both love! 

3) YouTube!

Watch some YouTube videos! Be it comedy, motivational or even cat videos, if those make you happy 😛 Grab your laptop, make yourself some coffee , put on your headphones & let the YouTube marathon begin! My personal favourite is Lilly Singh ( IISuperwomanII) , her videos are AMAZING! You can also check out ‘BB Ki Vines’ if you understand Hindi. Pep talks by ‘The Kid President’ will definitely make your day 😀 

4) Befriend the nature.

Wear those shoes lying on the rack since days & get running or take a walk. Breathe in some fresh air. Spending time with nature is so relaxing & refreshing! Take a moment to appreciate those gorgeous flowers, the chirpy birds & the lush green grass. Play an outdoor sport. Get active! 

5) Seek professional help.

If your loneliness is quite prolonged, it is a good decision to see a counsellor or a doctor. Don’t let it establish a permanent place in your life. Timely help & the right advice can turn your life completely, for the better. 

All these ways will definitely help to reduce your loneliness & help you get back on track with life. Better decisions & choices will follow 🙂

Have a great day! Lots of love :* 


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  1. Befriend the nature is important

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