The Bling Bag (April 2016) : Review & Thoughts

Hey guys!!:D
I just received my first ever Bling Bag(April) & trust me, I felt like it was my birthday! I instantly fell in love with the jewellery pieces they sent me! Now for those who don’t know, Bling Bag is a monthly subscription jewellery bag & they send you 3-4 pieces of beautiful jewellery customised as per your liking. There’s a ‘Style Profile’ form to be filled before you subscribe, so that they know your style preferences & send you stuff according to that, which according to me, is awesome!
Starting with the review, let me talk about the packaging of this bag. The bag they sent me is SO CUTE! Great quality bag with floral pattern & a hint of glitter to give it the perfect shine! Each jewellery piece was perfectly packed in a separate mesh bag filled with confetti 😀 This packaging made sure that no piece reached me in damaged condition. Thumbs up for the cute & organised packaging!
I received four jewellery pieces in my Bling Bag 🙂

1) A pair of earrings


I absolutely LOVED these earrings! What a gorgeous pair of statement drop earrings! They’re crafted with beautiful crystals which give them a sophisticated & pretty look! They’ll look stunning when worn with an Indian outfit!
Priced at Rs. 799

2) A necklace


This necklace looks mesmerising 😍 !!! It is made up of beautiful stones & the tassels give it a unique look! Definitely my favourite!
Priced at Rs. 799

3) Another necklace!


This necklace is crafted with pretty pearls & lovely crystals! The colours complement each other so well! Love the shine! Can’t wait to wear it! 💜
Priced at Rs. 899

4) Bracelet


I’ve never seen such a beautifully made bracelet ever! The stones & crystals are perfectly placed & look gorgeous! It’s an elastic bracelet, so no worries about the fitting! I’m in love!
Priced at Rs. 1199

The quality of every jewellery piece is so good! Definitely worth the price! And every piece is so beautiful & unique! They match my style perfectly! They also have a ‘Bling boutique’ section on their website where you can order the jewellery pieces of your choice. The jewellery they sent me was according to my preferences, if you’re someone who likes rings, someone who doesn’t wear bracelets…you can answer the questionnaire accordingly & they will send you jewellery based on your liking & preferences.

The monthly bag will cost you Rs. 1499 & a 3-month subscription is for Rs. 3899 . So they send you stuff worth more than double the amount you paid…isn’t that awesomesauce? 😀

Here’s a link to their website :

Definitely one of the best beauty bag subscriptions in India!
PS: This post isn’t sponsored, all views stated are my own. Love sharing & talking about the things I love 🙂

I’d like to say that yes, these jewellery pieces do glam up your look but nothing works until you smile… Yes…I see you… Yes,that very beautiful smile you have 🙂
Have an amazing & productive day! Stay happy! 🙂 Lots of love :*



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