April 2016 Fab Bag: It’s A Spring Thing!

Hey guys! How’re you doing? 🙂 Hope you’ll are having a beautiful,fun & productive day!!
I’m here to review The April Fab bag, & will also write my views on this beauty subscription bag as a whole. I subscribed to Fab bag for the first time ever in the end of March 2016 & received my March bag in the beginning of April ( cos I subscribed pretty late 😛 ) & hence I didn’t post a review on it. I received my April Fab bag yesterday & here I am,writing a review on it!:)
For those who don’t know, Fab bag is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you 1-2 full sized & 3-4 sample sized products to try/pamper yourself with. It’s a great way to discover new makeup & skincare products in the market & also know what works for you!
This month’s theme is- It’s A Spring Thing! And the bag depicts the spring season perfectly! The colour of the bag is a pretty pink & it looks gorgeous! Also, extra points for the amazing quality of the bag! You can use it to carry makeup while travelling or store your eye pencils,lipsticks & other such stuff. Absolutely love it!
The products I received in this month’s Fab bag are-
1) Cuccio Colour- Kiss in Paris nail polish.
I got a full sized product & it’s priced at Rs. 675 (13 ml)
2)O3+ Skin Whitening Mask
Got a 10 ml sample sized product . Price: Rs. 775 for 50g
3)Soultree Aloe & Rose Water with Skin Toning Licorice Cleanser
Got a 30 ml sample bottle. Price: Rs. 295 for 120 ml
4) Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer- Biscuit
Got a full sized product.  Price: Rs. 800 for 5.5 ml
5) Style Fiesta Accessory worth Rs. 499

I love all the products & I’m happy with this month’s Fab bag! The only product I am a bit disappointed with is the concealer. I don’t put a lot of makeup & my everyday makeup consists of a good eyeliner/Kajal + lip balm. I focus more on the skincare aspect tbh. I’m going to send them a mail, asking them to try sending me more skincare/haircare products rather than makeup products. Other than that, I absolutely recommend this bag to everyone! The colour of the nail polish I received is gorgeous! I was sent a mail asking me to choose a product amongst 4-5 product & I’m so glad I chose this nail polish! Very excited & happy about it!

I’ve heard so many good things about O3+ & their products are used in many salons & parlours in my city! I’m looking forward to use their mask as a pampering session for my skin after a hectic week of work in the hospital! Doctors deserve pampering sessions too, right? 😉
The Style Fiesta accessory I received is a delicate neck chain with a pearl in the centre. It’ll look great on casual wear, like a plain white or a black tee!
I also received a discount card from ‘Soultree’ & I’m looking forward to try the cleansing milk they sent me. I’ve never used a cleansing milk before & so, I’m excited to try this one ! Soultree products are Ayurvedic & natural, containing no parabens or silicones, so yayyyy for that!
Overall, I give a thumbs up for this month’s bag & I’m looking forward to try the various products I received! Looking forward to receive the upcoming Fab bags! If you wish to gift yourself an awesome bag loaded with exciting products , you can buy The April Fab bag here: http://www.fabbag.com
One month plan: Rs. 599
3 month plan: Rs. 1,599
6 month plan: Rs. 2,899
12 month plan: Rs. 4,999
I loved the March Fab bag as well, especially the Natural Bath & Body Vitamin E Whipped cream!
I reviewed the Fab bag because I love writing about the things I love & this is what my Blog is all about! Do let me know if you’re subscribed to the Fab bag or are planning to, & what products you’ll received in your April Fab bag.

Have an amazing day! Lots of love :*



Keep smiling!:)


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