An illusion we need to conquer – Fear.

Fear- something that all of us experience in our lives. It varies in magnitude & accordingly does our response to it, but it isn’t a good feeling at all, however little. Okay, some amount of fear is necessary regarding certain situations or events , it only indicates that you care about it, that it means something to you. For example- the fear of losing someone or the fear of failing in your class test. It’s the fear that drives you to put in efforts & work hard. So that’s okay. But what’s not okay is that if it consumes too much of your time,energy, mind & soul & nothing fruitful comes out of it. Worse- if it makes things worst.
Two weeks ago, I experienced this unpleasant feeling of excessive fear- Fear of failure , during my finals. And I tried to calm myself, spoke to myself that it will do no good, but somehow the feeling wouldn’t go away. My heart was racing & I felt like giving up & not studying. I lay in my bed for 2 hours. This was my biggest mistake, because it made things worse. This is what fear shouldn’t result into. So to conquer that, I again had a small chat with myself-
Why are you so scared?
Because I will fail. I don’t want to.
Okay, suppose you fail, SUPPOSE, what would happen ?
I’d have to give the exam again after 6 months.
Okay, so this is the WORST that would happen. There are more horrible things that could happen in life. Feel your pulse right now. Hey, you can feel it! You’re alive & healthy! Congratulations! There are people all over the world who’re praying to be able to breathe for another day. So this ain’t the WORST thing that could happen in your life. Now what can you do to prevent failure in your exam tomorrow?
…And I stood up. Washed my face, opened my book & started reading .
And as time passed by, I realized that fear is just an illusion. Our mind tends to think of the WORST result & accepts that this is what’s going to happen. In reality, most of the time it doesn’t. Also, tricking your brain into ‘This is not the worst that could happen in your life’ helps! It helps to respond to this fear in a better way,makes our body and mind ready to function and DO something about it.What’s in OUR hands, is to focus on what we can change. We can’t change the examiners, the questions on the test etc. What we can do is study , the more you read , the better are the chances of passing & even getting good grades.
So don’t let fear limit you. Being brave isn’t ‘not being scared, ‘ but it is being scared & still going on to conquer it. Fear is bound to come, many situations will set your heart racing, you will feel scared & feel like giving up. But respond to this fear like a warrior! Get back up if you fall down, let mistakes be your lessons, listen to calming music, seek help too when needed, do something & overcome it, don’t sit idle & make things worse.
Don’t let your fear of what COULD happen, make nothing happen! As they say: BE A WARRIOR INSTEAD OF A WORRIER. Conquer your fear.



Keep smiling!:)


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  1. I have been living in fear for a long time and this was actually affecting my health both mentally and physically. I have managed to put all of those aside and take challenge head on.

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    1. Niyati S says:

      Yes, the best way is to just face our fears. The challenge is tough but the fruits are sweet. 🙂

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