Why should we forgive others?


Forgiveness is for the strong. Because it’s something that ain’t easy. And why should someone forgive, you ask? Well, according to me, we forgive others not for their benefit but for ours. Our body,mind & soul cannot hold too much bitterness or hatred. It is designed to hold love,kindness & compassion. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die- goes a very true saying. Not forgiving someone does so much harm to our body. It makes us feel continuously pressurised, it makes us feel jailed & chained! Forgiving, on the other hand, alleviates a lot of stress. It makes us feel so blissfully happy & at peace. Yes, the pain caused by someone hurts a lot, at times it’s not easy to forgive, I get it. But forgiveness has a power to heal. To blossom. To flourish. Life is too short to frown or hold grudges. Broaden your mind. Forgive others. Maybe you don’t want to talk to that person again, but don’t keep hatred in your heart. Close your eyes & say- I didn’t like what you did, it hurt me a lot. But I forgive you. For my own health & happiness. I’m not asking you to go back to the people who treated you like crap. But I’m just asking you to let go, to forgive them. And I’m sure you’ll feel much much happier & lighter 🙂


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  1. Cardozo says:

    I agree with your views on Forgiveness.If God can forgive us our trespasses, who are we that can’t manufacture the unpolluted air that we breath? unforgiven is the twin brother of hatred; Both self killing machine that gradually drains out all sense of reasoning and imprisonment. So, if you are still storing these in your heart, get ready for the grave! Want to remain ever NEW and FRESH, stay happy 24/7/366

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    1. niyatis2529 says:

      Very well said 😊


  2. Utkarsh says:

    Very well written niyati


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