10 things you can relate to if you’re a Superwoman(Lilly Singh) fan!

There are lot of amazing YouTubers out there, but someone who has influenced me the most is Lilly Singh, known as Superwoman. She’s the Queen of the internet in my eyes, & I love her very much!
Here are 10 things you can relate to if you’re a diehard Superwoman fan-
1) There’s a high possibility that you started reading the first point as ‘Nummber 1,’ picturing Lilly in your head saying that with the ‘Number 1’ sign. If you regularly watch her videos, you’ll relate to what I’m saying.
2) Yes, the rest of the world might have Monday blues, but you CANNOT wait for Monday(& Thursday) because your Youtube subscription box shows a new Superwoman video on these two days.
3) If given a choice between Johnny Depp & Manjeet, you’d go out for a date with the latter. 😀
4) Phrases & words like ‘Fitte muh tere,’ ‘Haaaaaiiiiinnn,’ ‘Garbage’ etc are now a part of the day-to-day vocabulary you use.
5)You RT,favourite all her tweets…your fingers long to double tap her new Instagram pictures & you follow her on all her Social Media Accounts.
6)You’re a fan of everything & everyone she’s a fan of. The rock, Selena Gomez, skittles,unicorns,rainbows,chipotle etc. Also, you hate Air Canada.
7) When someone asks you- What do you want your guy to be like? Chances are high that your answer starts with- He should be REAL!
8)Whenever you’re having a bad day or feeling low, you go to her channel & the marathon begins. You pretty much know all her videos & her lines in those videos.
9) Your music player has The Clean Up Anthem, #LEH , IVIVI & Hipshaker!!
10) You can’t wait for the #LanaSteele series to start!!


I’m so excited for Lana Steele series on the I Love Makeup channel!That trailer is perfection! If you have any more points that we unicorns can relate to, feel free to comment! Share it with all fellow unicorns! Love you Lilly! #TeamSuper for life!
Keep smiling!:)


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