Being a woman-a salute to womanhood

C.C.Campbell says-

The greatest gift to a man is a woman, but the greatest gift to a woman is herself.

      A woman is God’s most beautiful creation. She is an accomplished virtuoso in all the various roles she plays-for her family,society,nation & the world. She is assertive & strong. She picks up herself when she falls down & moves ahead gracefully. She hides her pain behind the mesmerising smile on her face & spreads love,smiles & laughter. She draws enormous strength from her troubles & worries, only to emerge stronger & victorious!  We aren’t unfamiliar with some of the biggest achievements by women all over the world. Oprah Winfrey,Michelle Obama,Hilary Clinton..the list is endless.They have inspired millions of women throughout the globe.

But it is heartbreaking to see that even today, in some parts of the world, women are considered as property. They are viewed with disgust & disrespect. Crime against women are increasing at the speed of light! And women are blamed for the same, they’re judged on the basis of their apparel & physique. But it is really pleasing to see legislative changes in favour of women. Women standing up for their rights & not tolerating any nonsense is serving as an inspiration for everyone. 

Men who treat women as equals-hats off! To all the women out there- You’re beautiful, unique & strong. Embrace yourself & stand up for your rights. Spread your wonderful smile & light up our world. A salute to each & every woman out there! More and more power to all of you!    Wish you all a very Happy International Women’s Day! 


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