On account of International Women’s Day, YouTube started this amazing initiative called #DearMe , and asked Youtubers to make a video talking to their younger self, to inspire girls & women across the globe. I really liked the concept & decided to write a letter to my younger version,a 13 year old Niyati.

#DearMe ,  

     Hi!! How’re you doing? Seems like life has beaten the crap out of you & you’re in a puzzled situation. You’re worried about your grades,your body,your friends,peer pressure & what not! But hey! Don’t give up! Things will only get better for you! You will achieve your goals! You’ll get amazing grades & get admission into a medical college. Amazing people will enter your life & make it even more beautiful. You’re going to make friends that are going to become your partners in crime & non-biological sisters. Don’t worry about the way you look,about your messy hair or crooked teeth. Don’t compare yourself with others, because being yourself is the coolest thing you can ever be. Embrace your curves & colour.You’re pretty & beautiful & don’t let anybody else make you feel otherwise. Don’t follow blindly but walk on the path created by you. Don’t take the people who love you for granted. Don’t care about those who make you feel low.Be yourself & the people who love you for who you are will stand besides you,no matter what. Stand up for what you believe in, believe in yourself & move ahead in this beautiful journey of life with a smile on your face because you are going to live a life of your dreams. Embrace yourself. Love yourself . 🙂 Happy Women’s Day too all the beautiful women. Stay strong,keep smiling & be positive! 


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